What We Can Do


Combining talent and technology, our visuals are crafted for a wide range of genres and applications.


Corporate Videos

In-House Scripting and Voice Over

Here at Octave Media, we continue to produce quality corporate videos for companies in the industries of finance, pharmaceutical, fashion, and more. Applications range from interviews, recruitment, education, and even full company profiles.
We also work closely with PR and digital marketing agencies to support them in creating content for their branding efforts.
Our in-house state-of-the-art recording facilities as well as voice over artists ensure significant cost-savings for our clients, flexibility, and a faster turnaround for our video productions.


Commercials, Music Videos and Film

Production Support

If you have a compelling story, product, or artist that you wish to promote, it is our hope to share in your ambition to make your vision into reality.
We match the scale of our production to your concept and budget, getting results in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
For overseas producers, we are able to provide production support services regionally for your film and video projects, whether for securing locations, auditioning cast or supplying additional crew members and equipment.


Marine, Oil & Gas and Aerospace Media

Turn-Key Solutions

Working with some of the biggest names in the industrial sector, we have produced numerous videos such as instructional safety videos, training videos, product showcases, and detailed video documentation for construction developments.
Our crew has traveled to over 15 countries worldwide, shooting in demanding environments and challenging scenarios.



HD Filming, Live Feed and Streaming Services

We cover a wide range of events and functions such as corporate conferences, stage performances, office launches and more.
Have your best moments captured in crisp high definition with clear audio quality and professional music.
Our Live Feed and Streaming Services will help to enlarge your audience.

What We Can Offer


No matter the scope or budget, our team seeks to meet the needs of your project from the script to the final cut.


The Creative Process

In today's wired world, videos are the most effective means of communication; to be seen and to be heard in an instant.
Sending a clear message to your audience begins by having an organized structure to your content and an informed understanding of your audience.
With our expertise, you can have confidence in the presentation and effectiveness of your video.
Our producers are readily available to discuss your project and guide you in developing your content for the screen. If you have a story to tell, we know how to tell it.
- Concept Development
- Script Writing
- Storyboarding
- Location and Logistics Planning


Lights, Camera, Action!

Once an idea is prepared and refined for an audience, shooting it is a dream. We are passionate about creating the best visuals possible to grasp, hold, and inspire viewers.
In order to achieve the look appropriate for your video, we employ various combinations of camera technologies and filming techniques that are suitable for your content.
Our joy is to see your script come to life!
- Creative Direction
- Art Direction
- Production Management
- 4k & HD Video Acquisition
- Professional Lighting & Audio


Making the Cut
(Post Production)

We have the tools and skills to ensure that the best material is finally presented on screen, with the proper approach and flair.
Whether for television commercials, broadcast, or social media, we take pride in our ability to meet the demands and challenges of any project.
This can only made possible with our talented team of editors, animators, sound designers and musicians.
- Video Editing
- Color Grading
- Motion Graphics
- Animation
- Visual FX
- Sound Design
- Music Scoring